August 14 | Last day

August 14 – Last Day in Residence, Bay Preserve at Osprey –  In between packing up and saying goodbyes, we dedicated some time recording details of our surroundings at the residence. We got out for some moon photos on the evenings of both the 13th and the 14th. While the buildings and the grounds at the […]

August 13 | Myaaka River

Monday, August 13 – Myakka River – We had the privilege of accompanying Chris Oliver, Florida Park Service Environmental Protection Biologist on one of his scheduled inspections of the Lower Myakka River. Starting at the Marina Park, Northport and traveling up the Myakka in the Park Service’s Whaler boat, the trip helped to connect geographical […]

August 12 | Crowley Museum & Nature Center

Sunday, August 12 – Crowley Museum & Nature Center –  During a visit to the Myakka Conservancy Preserve, we noticed that the Crowley Museum & Nature Center was very close by. The Crowley features an observation tower and we were interested in checking out the view of the Tatum Sawgrass Marsh from the tower. Part […]

August 11 | Color Key Workshop at Bay Preserve

Saturday, August 11 – The forecast was for heavy thunderstorms and we woke up to rain, thunder and lightning that continued through to early afternoon. As ways of moving through nature was the theme of the color-keying workshop, we adjusted the plan to use the back veranda at the Burrows-Matson House for our stage and […]

August 10 | Historic Spanish Point – A Window to the Past

Friday, August 10 – Historic Spanish Point, A Window to the Past –  This unusual archaeological exhibit showcases a prehistoric shell midden built by Calusa Indians. Behind the glass wall is a ten-foot high mound with layers of shellfish, shell tools, pottery and other early artifacts. The story of how this midden came to be […]

August 10 | Historic Spanish Point

Friday, August 10 – Historic Spanish Point –  Friday, August 10 – Historic Spanish Point – For the duration of our residency, the Historic Spanish Point has been a constant source of discovery. After revisiting the midden, we took one last tour of the site and discovered that we had never seen the Jungle Walk and […]

August 9 | Tidally United Summit – Opening Lecture

Thursday, August 9 – Tidally United Conference –  We were able to get out for the Tidally United Conference opening event: What We Gain from Heritage and What We Might Lose from Rising Sea Levels. This discussion between Professor Uzi Baram and Vicki Oldham, Researcher and Community Activist covered a range of social and ecological […]

August 8 | Sarasota County Landfill

Wednesday, August 8, Sarasota County Landfill – When we gave our talk on August 4, several people mentioned the Sarasota County Landfill as a good site to view wildlife. They also mentioned that it is a drive-through site. The visitors’ center gives out a map of the public access areas, a passcode to enter and […]

August 7 | Rotonda West

Tuesday, August 7 – Englewood Rotonda West – From Google Earth, the Rotonda looks fantastic. One could think that it is a giant mandala, a symbol of the universe where peace and happiness could blossom. Or it could look like a wagon wheel. The aerial dimension gets less fantastic from the ground level. The Rotonda […]

August 7 | Lunch

On Tuesday, August 7 we had the pleasure of lunching with some of the people responsible for making things happen at the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, as well as the President and Board Members of the Floyd C. Johnson and Flo Singer Johnson Foundation. This is the Foundation that provided funding for the […]

August 6 | Myakka River Floodplain

Monday, August 6, Myakka River Floodplain Walk – We got out to have a look at the Myakka Conservancy Preserve and as we were close to the Park, we decided to have another look at some areas we had visited on July 15. The Park Manager’s message had been clear, “Early and heavy seasonal rainfall […]

August 6 | Myakka Conservancy Preserve

August 6, Monday, Myakka Conservancy Preserve – AM At the entrance to the preserve, we saw that erosion from recent heavy rains had formed deep ruts into the pavement edge. We walked past the pavement and climbed the fence to enter. The path along the river was well kept and we saw a barbeque and […]

August 6 | In Between

Monday, August 6 – In-Between – To get an appreciation for the prairie environment in and around South Florida, we traveled the perimeter of the Myakka River State Park on some of the side roads. We got a good look at the ranchlands with cattle and horses, as well as birds and other animals inhabiting […]

August 5 | Deer Prairie Creek Preserve

Sunday, August 5 – Deer Prairie Creek Preserve – Our second stop was close to the Deer Prairie Creek Preserve. Along the route, we drove by open marshy spaces under a layer of water. In the bright light of late morning, these marshes resembled classic images of Florida prairie.

August 5 | Bay Preserve at Osprey

Sunday, August 5, Bay Preserve at Osprey | evening – We have a list of shots to get. The list is diverse and covers natural areas, urban areas as well as specific elements of culture. It is a list that keeps growing even if we check items off when we get out to record. On […]

August 5 | Sleeping Turtles Preserve

Sunday, August 5 – Sleeping Turtles Preserve – Following a few evenings of heavy rains, we read that the Myakka was approaching flood levels. We were thinking about taking a kayak trip up-river and wanted to check the levels ourselves. We had visited the Sleeping Turtles Preserve on July 8 and decided it would be […]

August 4 | Artists’ Talk

Saturday, August 4, 2018 – Conservation Foundation Artists-in-Residence host public event – OSPREY, FL (July 16, 2018) Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast welcomes collaborative artists Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel H. Dugas as Artists-in-Residence this July and August. On Saturday, August 4th, the public is invited to join the pair for a lively discussion from […]

August 2 | Tampa, Anna Maria and Lido

Thursday, August 2 – Tampa, Anna Maria and Lido – We started the day with a trip to Tampa to renew the car rental, a necessity after a 30-day lease. With the task completed, we drove southwest to Anna Maria Island and the Public Beach. There were no dead fish from the Red Tide but […]

August 1 | Historic Spanish Point

Wednesday, August 1 – Historic Spanish Point, while still searching for horseshoe crabs in the park, we were drawn into the butterfly garden. We saw many Tiger butterflies and the flowers that attracted them there. We took along an LED light to enhance some close-up details.

July 31 | Historic Spanish Point – C.U.

Tuesday, July 31 – On a return visit to the Historic Spanish Point, we set out in hopes of seeing a horseshoe crab. We were told that they had sometimes been spotted near the orange packing plant and on the small beach down from the White Cottage. On this visit, we used a close-up lens […]

July 30 | Chekika

Monday, July 30 – Chekika –  We were supposed to meet Ranger Eduardo Echeverria at the end of SW 168th St. The Everglades National Park had closed the Chekika day-use park in 2013 and installed a gate across the road. We arrived early and parked our car at the edge of the turnaround road. A few white […]

July 29 | Deering Estate

Sunday, July 29 – Deering Estate –  We arrived early at the Deering Estate to drop a copy of our Everglades book. We had hoped to see Kim or Jennifer but neither was working on that day. We walked around the grounds, took some photographs and managed to avoid the big rain that moved in […]

July 27 | Intrepid

Friday, July 27 – Intrepid. Loggerhead turtle released at Lido Beach On the invitation of Kristen Mazzarella of Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, we got out early to Lido Beach for the release of Intrepid, a male Loggerhead turtle. He had been brought into the Mote Marine Laboratory’s Hospital early in June and was now […]

July 26 | Celebration

Thursday, July 26 – Celebration, FL. This town is a master-planned community in Osceola, County and just 6 miles from Disney World. In fact, Celebration was developed by the Disney Company. We wanted to go there because it exemplifies an aspect of urban development that threatens the environment. The town, made up of villages, is […]