August 10 | Historic Spanish Point

Friday, August 10 – Historic Spanish Point – 

Friday, August 10 – Historic Spanish Point – For the duration of our residency, the Historic Spanish Point has been a constant source of discovery. After revisiting the midden, we took one last tour of the site and discovered that we had never seen the Jungle Walk and Aqueduct. These two features were designed by Bertha Palmer, the American businesswoman, who purchased the Spanish Point homestead in 1910. The water for the aqueduct can now be activated by a push button. It flows into a channel through the garden and finally cascades over the shells embedded in the waterfall. If you press the button and walk leisurely down the path to the fountain, the water arrives for your viewing pleasure.

On that day, the light of the sky and the color of the water seemed merged into one plane. Near the Point Cottage, we saw an army of fire ants walking the seawall. Another clump was actively eating the remains of a small anole; we had a good look at the owl with glowing eyes that keeps vigil under a tree at the Guptill House as well as the gnarled tree that wants to crawl away from the bench.



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