July 29 | Deering Estate

Sunday, July 29 – Deering Estate – 

We arrived early at the Deering Estate to drop a copy of our Everglades book. We had hoped to see Kim or Jennifer but neither was working on that day. We walked around the grounds, took some photographs and managed to avoid the big rain that moved in quickly from Biscayne Bay. When lightning threatened offshore, a group of kayakers and a paddleboarder glided quickly past the Boat Basin as they hurried to get off the water. We ducked under the shelter of the screen porch on the Stone House. The reflections in the window mirrored the concept of Nature / Culture, one of our themes in videos we created from our April and October 2017 residency at the Deering. When the rain receded, we walked around some more and saw that bulkheads to protect windows from hurricane damage were either installed or stacked ready for installation. Repairs were being made to the Richmond Cottage roof and it looked as if each tile was being fastened to prevent loss. Each time we visit the Deering Estate, we see the work in progress of this living museum bequeathed by Charles Deering and his family.



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