July 27 | Intrepid

Friday, July 27 – Intrepid. Loggerhead turtle released at Lido Beach

On the invitation of Kristen Mazzarella of Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, we got out early to Lido Beach for the release of Intrepid, a male Loggerhead turtle. He had been brought into the Mote Marine Laboratory’s Hospital early in June and was now deemed ready for release.

Male Loggerheads do not come to shore, instead, they travel the coast looking for eligible mates among females heading into shore to nest. Intrepid was found floating and lethargic when brought into the Hospital. At the time of his release back into the sea, tests had shown the strong possibility that his health issues were caused by this year’s red tide blooms.

As male Loggerheads do not come to shore, they cannot walk on land and Intrepid had to be carried to the water. A supportive crowd showed up to see him off and he was gently carried to the sea through this gauntlet of well-wishers. The moment he was in the water, Intrepid paddled furiously out into the freedom of the Gulf.

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