July 26 | Celebration

Thursday, July 26 – Celebration, FL.

This town is a master-planned community in Osceola, County and just 6 miles from Disney World. In fact, Celebration was developed by the Disney Company. We wanted to go there because it exemplifies an aspect of urban development that threatens the environment. The town, made up of villages, is zoned for low-density residency. Celebration sits on 10.7 square miles of land with a density of 690 persons per square mile. By way of comparison, Sarasota has a density of 3,856 per square mile, and Tampa has a density of 12,604 per square mile.

In Celebration, you almost need a GPS to find the downtown as the maze of loops and cul-de-sacs surrounding it are quickly disorienting. After finding the center, we found it quaint, and almost resembling a movie set, or more accurately, several movie sets as various models of architecture have been used. The downtown could resemble a replica of Norman Rockwell’s ideal America. It calls to mind a book by J. B. Jackson: Necessity For Ruins. Here is a passage from the book that seems appropriate to mention at this time:


We walked around the pond taking pictures of anhingas, herons, and egrets. Carried by the wind, the voices and laughter of children playing in the fountain park gave the afternoon an air of peace and tranquility. We were unaware of major traffic congestion that was accumulating, surrounding the town. When it was time for us to leave, we exited this life model and slipped into the homeward bound snarl.




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