July 11 | Casey Key

Wednesday, July 11 –

We got out with Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium on one of their morning turtle patrols at Casey Key. Shadowing Melissa Bernhard, we were able to see the nest of a Green Sea Turtle, only the 2nd so far of this season. When first arriving on the narrow beach, we thought we were seeing tractor treads that had desecrated the site. Melissa pointed out that the markings were actually the turtle’s path to the grassy beach edge, where she deposited her eggs. Later we met up with biological technician, Casey Olsen and also several interns out on patrol.  All new nests reported by volunteers were documented, marked and left to shelter the incubating turtle eggs.


“Nest verification is done for data collection for conservation under Mote’s permit from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation (FWC)”.



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